Month: March 2014

Today’s XKCD comic

Today’s XKCD comic is one that I know many people will appreciate:

Computers frustrate many people. “This should be simple!” — and some things are simple, but many aren’t. And the reason is simply ((pun intended)) that computers are such a versatile tool. They can do so much. Because they’re so complex, they cannot also be simple, though people do try.

Meanwhile, PanamaCityPC is here to help. Our Soluto service in particular is designed to help with basic PC maintenance tasks — to keep your computer up to date and working optimally, without a single thought from you.

If you like what you see, please contact us today and we can send you a link to install the Soluto software. It takes just a couple of minutes but can save you in the long run. It doesn’t send us any personal information, just some system information so we can help make your computer start faster and run better.

Announcing the completion of a site I’ve designed and am hosting for charity:


Organization: The Brotherhood of Christian Law Enforcement Officers

From the website:

We are a Christian nonprofit Law Enforcement Assistance Organization, with the purpose of providing assistance, encouragement, comfort, and aid to Law Enforcement Officers and their families in times of crisis.

We’re happy to be able to support the endeavors of nonprofits and charitable organizations of all kinds. People doing good work are important to PanamaCityPC, and we strongly believe in giving back to the community.

If your business or nonprofit needs an improved web presence, contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

Visit us at today.



I’ve started this blog as a news site for PanamaCityPC. That’s a link to our website. You can also find us at the following social media:





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