I’ve discovered a new tool that is enabling me to keep a better eye on the currently 37 WordPress installations on the server. I have a remote management tool that allows me to check to see what themes are installed on sites, remove any unused (enhances security), see what plugins are on sites, and remotely enable/disable/remove/install plugins. Additionally, I get alerts when sites need updates – in WordPress itself, or for themes or plugins.

All around, it makes things more secure and easier to operate.

Adding to the growing number of plugins I’m familiar with, it just makes sense: If you need WordPress hosting, you should talk to me.

And if you think WordPress is just for blogs, think again. It’s great for any website, including ecommerce. It’s easy to set up a website that’s easy to maintain and expand, costing a fraction of what it would cost to start from scratch.

I can help you no matter what your technical expertise is: From novice to expert. I can set things up for you and maintain them, or I can set things up and get out of your way.

So get in touch today!